UWM’s new business incubator offers free help for maturing startups

UWM partners Brian Thompson of the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center (from left) and Lubar College Dean Kaushal Chari discuss training for startups with Matthew Friedel (right), director of the new Business Innovation Incubator that is guiding 10 startups beginning this year. (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)

“One of most difficult things you can decide to do, I think, is to start a business,” said Steve Glynn, CEO of the four-year-old startup Experience Milwaukee. “There’s a lot of trust that has to be built.”

Glynn hopes to grow his venture, which produces two podcasts about the city, by joining a new business incubator formed through a partnership between UWM’s Lubar College of Business and Lubar Entrepreneurship Center (LEC).

The Business Innovation Incubator is helping 10 startups, including Glynn’s, acquire the skills needed to move their ventures forward. UWM students, faculty, alumni and members of the broader community were invited to participate in the 11-month program. Incubator director Matthew Friedel hopes it will become an annual offering.