The Graduate Certificate in Data Curation will provide an Information Science-centered focus on data issues, particularly in the representation, organization, storage, and retrieval of large amounts of data where expertise in these areas is needed.

Program Type

Graduate Certificate

Program Format

Hybrid, Online

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Data professionals are needed to fulfill a variety of functions, including data management, curation, and stewardship in academic and industry settings.

Data curators work alongside data engineers and data scientists to design, implement, and apply data management techniques to relevant data sets. Graduates of the program will gain the skills to identify reliable data sources, analyze data in various formats, and design and maintain big data and data analytics systems using the principles of data mining, data modeling, and data architecture. 

Admission Criteria

Preference will be given to those students who have a baccalaureate degree in information sciences, computer information systems, computer science, engineering, statistics, or a related field. Students with sufficient background gained through work experience or professional training in information technologies, such as networks, web services, and database development, will also be considered for admission to the program.

Those who have neither of the aforementioned qualifications will be encouraged to take prerequisites, or their equivalents, before taking related courses.

For complete application and admission information see the UWM Academic Catalog:

To complete the requirements for the data curation certificate, students must complete:

Required Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
INFOST 582GIntroduction to Data Science3
INFOST 771Data Curation 3

Elective Courses

Select a minimum of 9 credits from the following:

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
INFOST 465GLegal Aspects of Information Products and Services3
INFOST 655GInformation and Records Management3
INFOST 656GElectronic Documents and Records Management3
INFOST 660GInformation Policy3
INFOST 661GInformation Ethics3
INFOST 687GData Analysis for Data Science3
INFOST 691GSpecial Topics in Information Science (with relevant topic)3
INFOST 714Metadata3
INFOST 716Thesaurus Construction3
INFOST 717Information Architecture3
INFOST 719Advanced Topics in Information Organization (with relevant topic)3
INFOST 761Information Privacy3
INFOST 780XML for Libraries3
INFOST 783Information Storage and Retrieval3
INFOST 785Database Management Systems for Information Professionals3

Total Credits: 15

For a list of other relevant courses from other units on campus that may also be considered for the certificate, please see the UWM Graduate Catalog: