The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Archives and Records Administration is designed to help working professionals develop a specialty in archives and records administration and to update their knowledge in core areas of their responsibilities. It enables students to either alter the direction of a career path or to enrich and strengthen their skills and their knowledge of their field.

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Hybrid, Online

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The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Archives and Records Administration consists of 15 credits of advanced coursework selected by the students in conjunction with the Archival Studies Program Coordinator. The program is individually designed to suit the needs and professional objectives of each student.


A Master of Library and Information Science degree or a master’s degree in a closely related field such as computer science, educational technology, or history with a minimum of a 3.0-grade point average is required for admission.


The CAS candidate will complete 15 credits of coursework, planned in conjunction with the Archival Studies Program Coordinator.

  • A minimum of 12 credits must be taken in the School of Information Studies.
  • Up to 3 credits may be taken in another school or department of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with the prior approval of the Archival Studies Program Coordinator, in an approved area (Ex: Administrative Leadership, Anthropology, Business Administration, Computer Science, etc).
  • No thesis is required, but students may obtain up to 6 credits in an independent study which is included as a part of the total approved program.
  • A grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) must be maintained.
  • The program must be completed within 3 years from the date of admission.

Please visit the UWM Academic Catalog for complete details:

Introduction Course

INFOST 650G – An Introduction to Modern Archives Administration (3 cr)

An introduction to the archives profession, archives administration, main uses of primary sources in academic research, and archival issues regarding the Internet and other technologies. Note: INFOST 650 is a prerequisite for most CAS courses.

Students must earn a B or higher in 650G to earn the CAS in Archives and Records Administration

Foundation Courses

A minimum of 6 credits required

  • INFOST 750 – Arrangement and Description in Archives (3 cr)
    Development of the intellectual framework and critical evaluation skills necessary for the arrangement and description of archival collections.
  • INFOST 752 – Archival Outreach: Programs and Services (3 cr)
    An introduction to archival outreach and reference services for sustaining an archival program committed to public service.
  • INFOST 753 – Preserving Information Media (3 cr)
    Examines all aspects of archival preservation of multiple media formats. Includes discussions of preservation practice, policy, and programming in an archive.
  • INFOST 855 – Advanced Appraisal (3 cr)
    An overview of the history of archival appraisal and manuscript collecting, surveys recent appraisal methodologies and theories, providing practical experience in the application of appraisal theory and assessing the value of organizational records.

Elective Courses

Maximum of 6 credits to count toward the CAS

A complete list of elective courses offered by the School of Information Studies can be found in the UWM Academic Catalog.