Tim Grove

ICFW Affiliate
Senior Consultant, Wellpoint Care Network

Tim Grove is a senior consultant at Wellpoint Care Network, a human services agency whose mission is to facilitate equity, learning, healing and wellness for all. He has 25 years of professional experience in a variety of direct care and administrative positions including, in-home services, foster care, treatment foster care, residential treatment, child welfare, community based services, quality improvement and staff development.

Grove’s work at Wellpoint includes being the senior leader of trauma informed care (TIC) initiatives across all agency programs and as such was responsible for implementing Wellpoint’s TIC philosophy and practices, including Dr. Bruce Perry’s Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT). He also created a TIC training curriculum centered around the Seven Essential Ingredients, or 7ei, of understanding and practicing TIC. Grove and the training team at Wellpoint have used the 7ei framework to train more than 50,000 people across the country over the past 12 years. Groups that are currently using the 7ei curriculum include judges, law enforcement/first responders, schools, child welfare agencies, social service agencies, health centers, community agencies, post secondary academic institutions and many others.

He is a Mentor with the ChildTrauma Academy and a Master Trainer in Dr. Rob Anda and Laura Porter’s ACE Interface curriculum. Grove and the SaintA team’s work has been highlighted in various radio and television projects, including a 2018 60 Minutes segment with special correspondant Oprah Winfrey. Their work has also been showcased in a number of magazines, journals and newspapers, including a three-year research study on the effectiveness of 7ei in child welfare published by the Journal of Child Custody in 2019.

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