Families and Children Thriving (FACT) Study


The Families and Children Thriving (FACT) Study is a HRSA-funded, ongoing panel investigation of risk and resilience among over 1,700 low-income families that have received home visiting services through Wisconsin’s Family Foundations Home Visiting program. ICFW is gathering multiple waves of survey data to assess child, caregiver, and household outcomes, including physical and mental health, adversity and social support, parenting, and child development. We also collect data annually from home visitors and other program staff to learn more about their professional development and personal well-being.

Results from the FACT Study are shared with federal and state partners to support the ongoing evaluation of the Family Foundations Home Visiting program and with home visiting staff to support continuous program quality improvement.


Allison Amphlett
Colleen Janczewski
ChienTi Lee
Joshua Mersky


Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)


Wisconsin Department of Children and Families

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

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