Strong Families, Thriving Children, Connected Communities Initiative

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Children thrive when they have regular interactions with responsive, caring adults. Families experiencing significant stressors related to financial insecurity, housing instability, or the impact of systemic and interpersonal trauma can be overloaded with stress, interrupting those interactions. Families that are experiencing this overload of stress are at greater risk for having neglect identified as a threat to their child(ren)’s safety. If we ensure that communities are equipped to ease the burden on overloaded families, we make resilience a real possibility.

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Integrating T-SBIRT into Family Connects

Integrating T-SBIRT into Family ConnectsA new Institute paper highlights how T-SBIRT was successfully integrated into a universal home visiting program called Family Connects. Findings showed that it was feasible for Family Connects providers to identify trauma-related postpartum mental health challenges and provide referrals to community mental health providers. The results suggest that implementing T-SBIRT on a large scale within ...