The Family Peace Center Model for Addressing Polyvictimization


Headed by the Sojourner Family Peace Center, this 3-year demonstration project aims to develop trauma-informed screening, service, and referral processes to address the needs of polyvictimized clients. Through this initiative, a specialized trauma-informed polyvictimization screening tool and associated service program will be developed and offered to clients that receive services from the Family Peace Center (FPC). Following a polyvicitmization screening at intake, the FPC, which is a collaborative network of agencies in Milwaukee, will provide and secure a range of services needed to address survivors’ history of violence.

The ICFW will conduct a mixed-methods evaluation of this project with four central aims. The first is to examine a polyvictimization screen and its capacity to detect exposure to violence. Second, an analysis will be performed to identify gaps between the needs of polyvictimized clients and the community services that are available. A third aim of the evaluation is to assess the extent to which the FPC and its partner agencies have the capacity to meet the needs of polyvictimized clients for services and support. Finally, the evaluation will examine client satisfaction with services along with correlates of satisfaction such as service engagement and client empowerment.


Madeline McAteer
Joshua Mersky
Danielle Romain
James Topitzes


U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Office for Victims of Crime (CFDA#16.582)


Family Peace Center


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