Referral for Service

Evidence-Based Mental Health Treatments Offered
by The Institute for Child and Family Well-Being

Trauma Therapies (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Children who meet the following qualifications are appropriate referrals:

  • Children who have experienced trauma and may be experiencing trauma symptoms such as flashbacks, trouble sleeping, negative/depressed mood, avoiding people/places/things that remind the child about the trauma; can’t stop thinking about the trauma; and/or behavioral problems.
  • A supportive caregiver must be willing to participate in treatment and attend therapy sessions regularly, or as often as the practitioner recommends.
  • The Institute currently works with children between ages 7-18.
  • If a child has AODA concerns, the concerns must be resolved or he/she must be participating in AODA treatment. Please call our intake line (414-231-4927) with questions.
  • If the child is already in outpatient Individual Therapy, that therapist should be aware of this referral and ready to end or pause services while the child participates in Trauma Therapy with our team.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). Children who meet the following qualifications are appropriate referrals:

  • Children who have emotional and behavioral problems (defiant, aggressive, tantrums, low self-esteem, etc.)
  • The caregiver must be interested in learning new parenting skills and able to commit to participating in weekly therapy with the child, as well as completing daily 5-minute homework.
  • The Institute works with children between ages 2-7.
  • If the child is in out-of-home care, the caregiver must currently have and regularly attend (90% of the time) at least 2 visits each week with the child.
  • If the child is in Family Therapy, that therapy must end while the child is in PCIT; if the child is in Individual Therapy, that therapist must be aware of and in agreement with the PCIT referral – if in out-of-home care, a ROI for this therapist must submitted with the referral.

Questions? Contact us: 414-231-4927 or

* If the child being referred is in out-of-home care, this CONSENT PACKET must be completed and emailed to at the time of referral submission.*