Laura A. Voith, MSW, PHD

ICFW Affiliate
Assistant Professor, Case Western University

Stemming from her macro and direct practice work with domestic violence and sexual assault services, Dr. Voith focuses on violence prevention and intervention, particularly violence against women and children, and implementation science on the delivery of violence prevention programs. Her research on social inequalities contributing to the risk of violence exposure, subsequent health disparities resulting from violence exposure, and the prevention of such violence is carried out through two lines of research. (1) Dr. Voith examines the effects of individual- and neighborhood-level cumulative risk and protective factors on the relation between violence exposure and risky outcomes with children and adolescents. (2) Dr. Voith examines how men’s exposure to trauma, violence, and adversities contribute to violent perpetration and victimization, and how individual factors, such as men’s social networks, interact with neighborhood-level characteristics to enhance or diminish the risk of men’s use of violence in intimate relationships. These two lines of research will inform the development and evaluation of violence prevention programs with at-risk children and adolescents, and the improvement of batterer intervention programming with men.

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