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Hello Baby is a free, voluntary program that provides families with in-home support from a public health nurse soon after the birth of a child. The Racine County Public Health Division and Walworth County Department of Health and Human Services partnered with ICFW to develop this evidence-informed program, which aims to enhance maternal and child health outcomes, household stability, and family functioning. Recognizing that all parents with a new baby can benefit from some support, the program is available to all families with a newborn in Racine and Walworth Counties. By offering services universally rather than selectively, Hello Baby reaches more families and has a broader community-wide impact. At the same time, Hello Baby, it is not a one-size-fits-all program. Although most new parents need only a single home visit to receive reassurance that their baby is healthy and thriving, Hello Baby nurses are available to provide more intensive care to families who need more support and greater access to community resources. By balancing equal access with an equitable allocation of services and resources, Hello Baby ensures that families with the greatest needs are likely to benefit the most.

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