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Strong Families, Thriving Children, Connected Communities Virtual Data Walk

March 17, 2023

We believe that neglect is preventable. You are invited to join us at our upcoming Strong Families, Thriving Children, Connected Communities (SFTCCC) Virtual Data Walk on March 17th from 10:00am-12:00pm because we believe that you share that vision. Register here.

The ICFW’s Strong Families, Thriving Children, Connected Communities  (SFTCCC) initiative is focused on reducing the number of families separated for reasons of neglect by creating a network focused on elevating practice innovations, policy recommendations, and systems change. We’ve taken the first step in building a shared understanding through a series of roundtables with Children’s staff, people with lived experience, and community partners over the course of the year, now we’re focused on taking those insights and themes to develop evidence aligned critical pathways for action. Critical Pathways are specific problem/priority spaces that are focal points for elevating or designing specific and actionable system-level solutions.

Connected Communities, a key pillar of the SFTCCC initiative, seeks to elevate the voices of stakeholders, partners and those with lived experience from across the state and beyond. With your active participation, the data walk will be an opportunity to review the data gathered over the course of 7 roundtables, 4 Conversation Cafes, and many hours of research. While engaging in dialogue with peers, you will have the opportunity contribute to the statewide initiative by sharing your unique perspective. Lastly, the data walk will demonstrate innovative data sharing techniques that can be replicated and personalized to use in your own community.

We hope to continue the journey towards determining Critical Pathways with each of you. Join us for the Data Walk on March 17th, 10am-noon.