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Healthy brain development is the foundation for child well-being and community prosperity. Changing systems and implementing policies that are informed by brain science can support children, families, and communities. From 2015 to 2017, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin was one of 15 sites in the United States and Canada that participated in the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities two-year Change in Mind initiative focused on infusing brain science into programs and organizations.

During the grant, Children’s ICFW staff gained a deeper understanding of theories, methodologies, and tools associated with systems change. Tools and strategies around strategic framing, design thinking, systemic interventions, and Developmental Evaluation continue to be central to the ICFW work around housing and integrating evidence-based practices into Children’s child welfare program. Children’s continues to work collaboratively with the Change in Mind Institute on disseminating insights and lessons learned around brains science and systems change through conference presentations and other efforts.

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