Remote HR Requests Toolkit

Remote submission of HR-related forms, or requests, utilizes UWM’s BP Logix e-workflow tool, called Streamline. Please see the content areas below for the criteria and instructions on how to submit HR-related forms or requests.

Streamline may also be accessed at the following general link:

1. Hire/Recruitment Authorization Request

All hires or requests to recruit must be submitted and processed through this request form. Please be sure to include appropriate justification of the need for a hire, addressing the guidelines as provided below.

Interim Hiring GuidelinesInterim Hiring Guidelines

Hiring or Compensation Justification FormHiring or Compensation Justification Form

Hire/Recruitment Authorization Training GuideHire/Recruitment Authorization Request Training Guide

Hire/Recruitment Authorization Request WorkflowHire/Recruitment Authorization Request Workflow

Hire/Recruitment Authorization RequestHire/Recruitment Authorization Request (Streamline)

Recruitment Intake Request FormRecruitment Intake Request Form (Streamline)

2. Compensation Action Request

Compensations actions, including Non-Merit Adjustments, Performance Pay, Temporary Base Adjustments, and Student Help pay changes, must be submitted through this request. Please be sure to include appropriate justification of the request per the appropriate policies and guidelines.

Compensation Request GuidanceCompensation Request Guidance

Hiring or Compensation Justification FormHiring or Compensation Justification Form

Compensation Action Request Training GuideCompensation Action Request Training Guide

Compensation Action Request WorkflowCompensation Action Request Workflow

TBA End Date Report Training GuideTBA End Date Report Training Guide

Compensation Action RequestCompensation Action Request (Streamline)

3. Waiver of Open Recruitment Request

Waiver of Open Recruitment Requests must be submitted electronically through this form. Please be sure to review current guidelines and provide justification that addresses the criteria within.

Open Recruitment and Waiver Request Guidelines

Waiver Request Training GuideWaiver Request Training Guide

Waiver Request WorkflowWaiver Request Workflow

Waiver of Open Recruitment RequestWaiver of Open Recruitment Request (Streamline)

4. Title Review Request

Requests for a filled position title review will be submitted through this form. Vacant position title reviews can also be submitted through this form, as circumstances warrant. Please review all applicable policies and guidelines to ensure proper justification in support of the request.

Title Review Request Training GuideTitle Review Request Training Guide

Title Review Request WorkflowTitle Review Request Workflow

Title Review RequestTitle Review Request (Streamline)

5. Overload Appointment Request Process

The Overload Appointment Request is utilized to request payment of activities to UWM employees that are non-permanent in nature and outside the normal scope of their primary duties and responsibilities. This may be used for overloads for full-time UWM employees or inter-institutional overloads for employees at other UW-System Institutions. Request Form will be routed for respective approvals, and upon approval, will result in appropriate HRS Action.

Overload Pay Request Training GuideOverload Pay Request Training Guide

Inter-institutional Overload Request Quick GuideInter-institutional Overload Request Quick Guide

Overload Pay Request WorkflowOverload Pay Request Workflow

Overload Pay Request (Streamline)Overload Pay Request (Streamline)

6. Summer Pay Processing

Summer Pay may be provided for Academic Year (9 Month) employees providing instruction or service over the summer months. The below forms are utilized in the processing and request for payment of summer work.

Summer Excess Payment Request Training GuideSummer Excess Payment Request Training Guide

Summer Excess Payment Request FormSummer Excess Payment Request Form (Streamline)

Summer Entry Request Training GuideSummer Entry Request Training Guide

Summer Entry Request FormSummer Entry Request Form (Streamline)

7. HRS Data Entry Form

The HRS Data Entry Form can be used by Shared Services to submit HRS Actions for processing. This form is only utilized for HRS Actions not initiated through other Streamline actions.

HRS Data Entry Form Training GuideHRS Data Entry Form Training Guide

HRS Data Entry Form WorkflowHRS Data Entry Form Workflow

HRS Data Entry FormHRS Data Entry Form (Streamline)

8. Background Check Requests

The background check request form is utilized to request a Criminal Background Check and/or Sexual Harassment Reference Check for applicants, employees, and volunteers as required by UW System and UWM Policy. Once the form is submitted, respective checks will commence with the CBC Coordinator.

Background Check Toolkit

Background Check Request Training GuideBackground Check Request Training Guide

Background Check Request FormBackground Check Request Form (Streamline)

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