UWM Portal Information

The UWM Portal is a single stop for employees to get news, report time and absences, access earnings statements and tax documents, enroll in benefits, and update personal contact information.

The UWM Portal can be accessed at my.uwm.edu at any time.

If the UWM Portal is blank:

This happens when someone has no social security number in our HR system, or the number does not match with what is in PAWS. Please notify the Human Resources Department by emailing hr-contact@uwm.edu, so we can help rectify the issue.

Electronic Delivery of Forms W-2 and 1095-C

Starting in 2018, forms W-2 and 1095-C can be delivered electronically instead of mailed to the address on file. If you signed up for electronic distribution before 1/11/19, you will receive an email notifying you of the documents being ready for access.

Please Note:

  1. You will be required to be on a UWM campus network computer to access the documents.
  2. If you work off campus or out of state, you should not elect electronic delivery of forms W-2 or 1095-C as UWM does not have a VPN structure for employees to utilize.

Form W-2 on the Portal

Form W-2 can be accessed through your UWM Portal. You will be required to verify the last four digits of your Social Security Number and your birthdate.

  1. First, log into the UWM Portal: my.uwm.edu
  2. Then launch the Payroll Information app.

    Payroll Information App Sample
  3. In the Payroll Information app, click on the Tax Statements tab.
  4. Then click on the View W-2 forms button. This will launch UW System’s W-2 Employee Self Service tool.

    W-2 Employee Self Service Sample

Terminating UWM Employment

If you are no longer working at UWM, you will lose access to your UWM portal almost immediately. This may prevent you from accessing things such as your earning statement and various tax documents.

Please Note:

If you terminate employment at UWM, you will need to contact the Human Resources Department to arrange for a W-2 to be mailed to you as you will no longer have access to the UWM Portal and your electronic W-2.

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