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Earning Statements

Earning statements are generated after the check confirmation, detailing that payment, and can be accessed online at your UWM Portal.

Explore the Earnings Statement:

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Earnings Statement 1
Earnings Statement 2
Earnings Statement 3

Pay Date

When the normal pay date falls on a Federal Reserve (bank) holiday, a Saturday or Sunday, the date that payment is available to you will be the business day prior. If paid monthly, and the pay date of January 1 is on a Saturday or Sunday, the pay date will be the first working day of the New Year.

Pay Period Effective Dates

Payrolls for biweekly staff and students fall from Sunday to Saturday, in two week increments. Annual staff are paid from the first of the month to the last. Academic Staff are paid mid-month to mid-month.

Direct Deposit

UW System directs that all employees participate in an electronic direct deposit program (ACH) for their payroll payments. Direct deposit of your paycheck into your financial institution means no lost or stolen paper checks, no waiting in line to pick up a paycheck and no special trip to your bank or credit union. Direct deposit of your check is available in any financial institution throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. International bank accounts are prohibited.

The direct deposit form has sensitive financial information on it, therefore you may not submit the form through email.

Download the fillable pdf form:

Direct Deposit FormDirect Deposit Form

You may submit the form in one of three ways:

  1. Deliver it in person to:

    Central Human Resources
    Engelmann Hall, Room 125
    2033 E. Hartford Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

  2. Send it through campus mail or U.S. Postal Service mail to:

    Central Human Resources
    Engelmann Hall, Room 125
    2033 E. Hartford Avenue
    P.O. Box 413
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-0413

  3. Fax it to:

    Central Human Resources
    Fax: (414) 229-4102

Direct Deposit Authorization forms should be completed and submitted no later than 15 days before payday. We encourage you to monitor your Earnings Statement to verify your payment was direct deposited. Direct deposit will continue until it is canceled, even if employees change employing departments. A break between payroll dates of twelve months or more may result in an automatic cancellation of direct deposit. Completing a new Direct Deposit Authorization form would be required to begin again.

Changing your Financial Institution

If you have direct deposit and change your financial institution, you must complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization form. The Direct Deposit Authorization form should be completed and submitted no later than 15 days before payday, due to early paycheck creation. We encourage you to keep your old account open until after you verify payment was direct deposited into your new account.

If your account is closed and you fail to notify us, receipt of your paycheck may be delayed until the monies are received back from the previous financial institution.

Direct Depositing Into Multiple Accounts

You are able to direct deposit in up to three accounts, and can designate this on your Direct Deposit Authorization form. However, you will need to designate one account as a primary account. To set up direct deposit in multiple accounts, see the back of the Direct Deposit Authorization form for further instructions.

Invalid Accounts

Sometimes bank account numbers are incorrect in the payroll system. If that occurs and there is only one account listed, the monies will be reissued as either as US Bank Focus Pay Card or, in rare cases, a physical check. If there are multiple accounts, all reissued monies will be deposited into the other valid accounts listed, including investment accounts that normally have a specific contribution amount identified.

US Bank Focus Pay Card

In Fall 2018, UW System began establishing a banking relationship on behalf of employees that do not have active and valid direct deposit information in the payroll system. This allows UW to load and reload payments directly to a Debit MasterCard with the employee’s name printed on it. It will increase surety of receiving payment and eliminate check cashing fees, as well as give flexibility to withdraw funds or to use the card for payment transaction wherever MasterCard is accepted.

Employees Working and Living Outside the U.S.

Employees working and living outside the U.S. are not eligible for the Focus Pay Card and will be issued physical checks, sent to the mailing address on file.

Receiving the Card

The card is issued by US Bank before an employee’s first paycheck without valid direct deposit on file and sent to the home address, no international addresses are allowed. Subsequent checks will then be deposited onto that same card.

Stopping the Card

The US Bank Focus Pay Card will be the method of paycheck distribution until a valid direct deposit is set up in the payroll system. To stop the Focus Pay Card, submit a Direct Deposit Authorization form to our office 15 days before your next paycheck.

Blank Cards

Sometimes direct deposit is setup after the US Bank Focus Card is created but before check creation. This may result in a blank Focus Card being sent to you.

Managing your Focus Account

You will need to work US Bank directly to change all pertinent information or if you have questions or concerns. US Bank can be contacted in the following ways:

Card Mailed to Wrong Address

If a card was mailed to the wrong address, it is returned to US Bank. Update your home address through your UW Portal and then contact HR to inform us. We can work with US bank on your behalf to reissue the card. Otherwise, you can call US Bank directly to change your address and have a new card sent to the corrected address. You will be asked to validate your address. If you do not submit this proof of address, US Bank is mandated to wait 5 days before they can replace the focus card.

See Also

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Physical Checks

In rare instances, a physical check may be generated and mailed to the address on file.

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