Missed Payroll Requests

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Missed payroll requests should reflect a true emergency and are not standard campus operating procedure. It is preferable to wait until the next on-cycle check as this will avoid accidental overpayment and facilitate correct calculation of leave, differentials, overtime, and taxes. A missed payroll request may be approved or denied outside these guidelines.

If the situation qualifies using the eligibility criteria below, please contact payroll@uwm.edu to initiate a missed payroll request.

Submission Deadline

Missed payroll requests are due by Monday, 10:00 A.M. If approved by both UWM HR and the Service Center, they will be processed Wednesday morning. Payments will be made via direct deposit or US Bank Focus Pay Card.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointees, Employees-In-Training, and Other (OT): 10% of Regular Gross Biweekly pay
  • Student Help (SH): 5 hours
  • Student Assistants (SA): 5 hours
  • University Staff: 8 hours

Lump Sum Requests

  • Student Help: $100
  • Non-Student: $400

Ineligible for Missed Payroll Request

  • Employees that have both biweekly and monthly positions
  • Overloads
  • Retro pay (URP/HRG/SRG) – retroactive changes to FTE or pay rates processed in Job Data
  • Termination Pay
  • Overtime (must be submitted along with regular gross pay)
  • Differentials (must be submitted along with regular gross pay)
  • Add-ons (must be submitted along with regular gross pay)

Process Considerations

  • Levels of approval to process a missed payroll request:
    • Department/Division
    • Campus Central Human Resources
    • Service Center
  • Lump sums, International Scholarships, and Summer Session (SBR) must be entered into the additional pay workflow and be approved by all levels before the missed payroll can be requested.
  • Off-cycle payments created for a missed payroll request will be direct deposited unless there is no active and valid direct deposit information. Payments will then default to a US Bank Focus Pay Card, per the UW System policy on Payment Methods.
  • Mailing of first-time Focus Pay Cards is timed so that they arrive at the employee’s home or mailing address on the employee’s normal payday.
  • Missed payrolls require manual adjustments of the employee’s leave to account for missed hours; a missed payroll may result in incorrect leave balances.


Circumstances may include:

  • Approval: The missed payment is for Summer Service (VBR) or Summer Session (SBR) after the summer pay groups are closed.

    HRS cannot process missed summer payments on-cycle once the corresponding pay groups are inactivated. A missed payroll request is required at that point, regardless of the amount.

  • Denial: The employee has both biweekly and monthly active appointments.

    HRS cannot process a missed payroll when the employee has both types of positions as it will interfere with the next on-cycle payroll and can cause that payroll to crash during final calculation and confirmation.

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