Organizational Development

Creating Positive Employee Experiences for Organizational Success…

for this year, next year and in 2030 and beyond.

At UWM, we are committed to creating positive employee experiences so all UWM Panther team members are able to thrive and excel in their roles. The valuable work of our staff and faculty drives our organization’s success, so supporting the success of teams and individuals throughout UWM is very important to us.

Organizational Development helps organizations become positioned to achieve success, and creating a positive Employee Experience is critical to any organization’s success, as it is the driver of Culture and Engagement. Together, these two elements enable our staff and faculty to work towards achieving successful outcomes for schools, colleges, divisions and for UWM overall…for this year, next year and in 2030 and beyond.

To see a brief overview of how Employee Experience, Culture and Engagement drives organizational success, please view the Rowing Together Towards 2030 presentation.

Organizational Development resources are now available to assist and support leaders throughout UWM. Positive staff and faculty experiences, a renowned culture, and high engagement will position our workforce to achieve many great successes here at UWM for a strong and sustainable future.

By clicking on topic areas below in the My UWM Employee Experience model, leaders will discover presentations, insights and resources to support efforts in creating and fostering positive staff and faculty employee experiences here at UWM.

For customized support and solutions, leaders may contact Stephanie Todd, Employee Experience/Engagement & Organizational Development Manager at:

My UWM Employee Experience

Social & Emotional


Experiences employees have with people in their work unit and people throughout the organization.



Experiences employees have with carrying out their work.



Experiences employees have with how their employment impacts their life.



Experiences employees have with their work environment.

Additional topics in the My UWM Employee Experience model are currently under development.

Please check back soon for additional resources to support your leadership efforts.

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