Notary Public

Notary Public

If you need a document notarized, please feel free to stop by our office in Engelmann Hall, Room 125, between 8:30 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.

Please call ahead, (414) 229-4463, to confirm that our notary is available.

No fee is charged for notary service.

Please Note:

Do not sign the documents in question until you are in the presence of the notary.

This is because your signature must be witnessed by the notary.

A photo ID is required for notarization. If the documents require the signature of your spouse, or domestic partner, to be notarized, they must accompany you and bring their photo ID.

Please have your photo ID ready with the document(s) but do not step up to the desk until asked to do so.

Also, please be aware that we are unable to make copies, certified or uncertified, of “vital records,” which include certificates of birth, death, divorce, annulment, marriage, etc. Copies of vital records must be obtained from their official custodian, such as a state or county office.

Furthermore, we will not certify that copies of documents (such as passports) are complete, full, true, and exact copies of the original document which they purport to reproduce.

Notary services are also provided by:
UWM Office of Legal Affairs
Chapman Hall, Room 380

For information about remote notarization please see:

The State of Wisconsin's Department of Financial InstitutionsThe State of Wisconsin’s Department of Financial Institutions

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