Employment and Compliance Services

Functions of Employment and Compliance Services

  • Develop competencies in Shared Services HR Staff.
  • Serve as a point of escalation for complex or novel questions or matters.
  • Identify training or process improvement needs within the HR function.
  • Provide strategic support for units.
  • Support campus-wide HR initiatives and projects, based on identified need or as required by changes in regulations, laws, or policies.
Employment Services Center of Expertise

Classification and Compensation

  • Administration of University compensation programs.
  • Compensation and market analysis.
  • Participates in Salary Surveys.
  • Develop campus compensation philosophy and guidelines.
  • Oversee compliance with FLSA regulations.
  • Maintain classification structure and support titling initiatives.
  • Support titling determinations and reviews.
  • Participate in campus/system compensation initiatives.



Employee Relations and Compliance

  • Interpret, implement, and advise on employment policies.
  • Grievance, discipline, discharge, furlough, and labor reduction processes.
  • Advise on Leave Policies.
  • Administer campus PRP Program.
  • ADA Accommodations.
  • Interpret and advise on Bargaining Agreements.
  • Oversee Unemployment Compensation programs.


Kurt Hennemann


CBC Administrator

Bernadette Beck


Employee Staffing and Systems

  • Implement and advise on HRS maintenance best practices.
  • Participate in campus/system HRS initiatives.
  • Screening and selection procedures and best practices.
  • Manage Applicant Tracking System updates and practices.
  • Counsel HR partners regarding hiring practices, recruitment waiver requests, and contracts.
  • Support and advise on employee onboarding.
  • AA planning and workforce diversity initiatives.
  • Support efforts to attract and source candidates.


Recruitment Lead

Jennifer Brown


Training and Organizational Development

  • Develop competency programs for HR professionals.
  • Develop and maintain competency programs for supervisors.
  • Engage with BPs and Ops on current topics, issues, and training.
  • Maintain resources for HR Partners.
  • Serve on campus committees to support training and development.


Gina Halenka


Project and Process Management

  • Lead HR Projects to improve HR-related processes and practices.
  • Lead multi-functional teams in implementing policies or in continuous process improvement.
  • Implement technologies that improve campus processes, create efficiencies, and increase data integrity.
  • Develop communication and conduct outreach/training in response to changes.
  • Coordinate system level updates and impacts at the campus level.


Elise Bechly Schubert


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