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Independent study is not a substitute for courses regularly available in the curriculum. Students who wish to enroll in independent study (History 199 for freshmen and sophomores; History 699 for juniors and seniors) must have a minimum GPA of 2.500 in all credits attempted at UWM. It is strongly recommended that students work only with faculty from whom they have previously taken classes. Students may not enroll in History 199 or 699 for work already completed.

Students must, after consultation with the instructor with whom they wish to work, complete the Independent Study Form —  doc,  pdf. This form contains the details of the independent study proposal and it should be completed prior to the beginning of the semester. The supervising faculty member, the Department Chair, and the Dean must approve the proposal. Students may not enroll in Hist 199 or Hist 699 until after the supervising faculty member and the Department Chair have approved the proposal.

Note: History majors may take no more than six credits of the thirty-six required credits in History in independent study. History minors may take no more than three of the eighteen credits required in History in independent study.