The Department of History offers a PhD program that prepares students to enter the highest levels of the discipline with a terminal degree, as well as related fields of knowledge and practice. The history program has a long history itself! First established in 1956 at the time of the founding of the University itself, we were authorized to grant MA degrees in 1960 and PhDs in 2003. The first graduate of the doctoral program soon followed in 2008.

Graduates of our MA and PhD programs work in a variety of sectors – traditional ones such as academia, archives, libraries, museums, historical societies, preservation agencies, law, nonprofits, and government, as well as sectors that may not immediately come to mind such as business, religion, banking, journalism, and finance. Students are encouraged to use their time at UWM to actively develop a professional profile that will enable them to choose a career that fits their skills and interests.

As part of professional development, students are strongly encouraged to get to know the history faculty members, including both those that are part of their advising committee and those who aren’t. Faculty and fellow students are resources to explore research areas, opportunities, and industry connections.

Browse this web site and the UWM Graduate School’s web site for more information. We especially encourage you to explore the details of each of these programs’ requirements in the Academics section of our web site or within our handbook.

For more information about admissions please contact the Graduate Advisor:

  • Associate Professor, History
  • Director of Graduate Studies, History
  • Affiliated Professor, African and African Diaspora Studies (AADS)