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Alessandra Gillen
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Office of the Dean of the Graduate School
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In some cases, the Dean of the Graduate School may seek advice from the Graduate Faculty Committee Subcommittee on Appeals.

The functions of the Subcommittee on Appeals are:

  • To advise the Dean of the Graduate School on matters related to student claims of unfair treatment and student requests for exceptions to Graduate School policies.
  • To make recommendations, where appropriate, to the GFC, for policy changes that may affect appeals.

Under no circumstances may the Subcommittee on Appeals substitute its judgment for that of the faculty when the merits of a student’s work are involved. If the Subcommittee on Appeals and the Dean agree that an appeal involves an assessment of the merits of a student’s work rather than the procedure by which a decision was made, an independent review panel composed of persons with expertise in the subject at hand should be convened.


The Subcommittee on Appeals comprises the chair of the GFC, who chairs the Subcommittee; the chair of the of GFC Subcommittee on Graduate Course and Curriculum; and one individual appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School from the current pool of graduate program representatives. If a Subcommittee member was involved in earlier stages of an appeal or request for exception or is on the faculty of the same program or department as the student making the appeal or request, the Dean appoints a replacement from current GFC members or graduate program representatives. In any case, there must be at least two current GFC members and one graduate program representative on the Subcommittee.


The Subcommittee meets on an “as needed” basis and may only be convened by the Dean of the Graduate School or his/her designated representative.