Hope Longwell-Grice

Associate Professor; Senior Associate Dean
Teaching and Learning; Office of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning

Hope Longwell-Grice serves as the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning. Her academic home is in the Department of Teaching and Learning. As an associate professor, Hope teaches in the Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence Education Program, an innovative teacher education program that prepares students for positions as teachers in urban schools, grades 1-8. She enjoys working with teacher candidates as they prepare to enter their chosen profession.

Her teaching and research interests include teacher education, social education, multicultural education, curriculum theory, critical pedagogy, and democracy in the classroom. Hope received her B.S.Ed in K-8 regular and special education and her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Delaware. Prior to entering the academy, Hope was trained in Montessori education and taught in classrooms in the Midwest and on the east coast.