Kyongboon Kwon

Associate Professor - School Psychology
Educational Psychology

Kyongboon Kwon teaches courses in cognitive assessment and intervention, alternative assessment and intervention, social/emotional assessment and intervention and advanced practicum in intervention and supervision. Her primary research interests focus on children’s socialization in the peer group.

Kwon is interested in children’s naturally occurring peer groups (e.g., cliques, friendship groups) that have a potentially significant impact on children’s social and academic development. She is also interested in the application of social network analysis in studying children’s peer groups. Kwon's recent studies have examined the impact of clique membership on children’s behavior nominations, the contribution of clique types to children’s social adjustment, perceived cohesion of cliques, and children’s social identification with a friendship group.

Current Research/Projects

Kwon is currently examining a contextual approach to the assessment of social skills in the peer group. Data were collected from third through fifth grade children and their teachers. Kwon and her co-authors are investigating the manner in which contextually-defined social skills predict children’s social status in the peer group and positive school functioning. They are also examining incremental validity of peer- and teacher-assessment of social skills in predicting outcomes. Kwon is also planning studies that examine normative social influence in the peer group as well as studies that examine children’s social network features based on their various social and psychological characteristics.

Selected Publications

Kim, E. M., Sheridan, S. M., Kwon, K., & Koziol, N. (in press). Parent beliefs and children’s social-behavioral functioning: The mediating role of parent-teacher relationships. Journal of School Psychology

Kwon, K., Kim, E. M., & Sheridan, S. M. (2012). A contextual approach to social skills assessment in the peer group: Who is the best judge? School Psychology Quarterly, 27, 121-133.

Sheridan, S. M., Golver, T. A., Bovaird, J. A., Garbacz, S. A., Witte, A., & Kwon, K. (2012). A randomized trial examining the effects of Conjoint Behavioral Consultation and the mediating role of the parent-teacher relationship. School Psychology Review, 41, 23-46.

Kwon, K., Kim, E. M., & Sheridan, S. M. (2012). Behavioral competence and academic functioning among early elementary children with externalizing problems. School Psychology Review, 41, 123-140.

Kwon, K., Lease, A. M., & Hoffman, L. (2012). The impact of clique membership on children’s peer nominations for social behavior and status. Social Development, 21, 150-169.

Kyongboon Kwon Curriculum Vitae (PDF)