Bardy, Sonia
Lapham Hall 464,

Bardy, Sonia

Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery (MIDD)


Research Interests

There are currently two major research projects in our lab. The first focuses on spatial organization of proteins within a bacterial cell. We focus our studies on the chemotaxis systems within Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and seek to elucidate how protein localization is correlated to function. In this project, we are investigating the connection between polar localization and function of the Chp chemosensory system. In addition, we are also investigating the mechanism of partitioning chemotaxis proteins that regulate flagellar based motility.

The second project focuses on the role of pyomelanin in Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence. Pyomelanin is an extracellular pigment produced by some clinical isolates. Pyomelanin protects P. aeruginosa from the immune response, by providing protection from oxidative stress. Inhibition of pyomelanin production results in increased sensitivity to oxidative stress, and results in increased bacterial death. We hope to develop an anti‑virulence agent that can be used in conjunction with antibiotics to increase clearing of infections. By targeting a non-essential virulence factor (pyomelanin), it is unlikely that resistance to the anti‑virulence agent will occur.

Selected Publications

Ketelboeter, Laura, and Bardy, Sonia L. “Characterization of NTBC resistance in pyomelanogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa DKN343.” PLOS One 12.6 (2017): e0178084.
Bardy, Sonia L., Briegel, Ariane, Rainville, Simon, and Krell, Tino. “Recent advances and future prospects in bacterial and archaeal locomotion and signal transduction.” Journal of Bacteriology 199.18 (2017): e00203-17.
Jansari, Vibhuti H., Potharla, Vishwakanth Y., Riddell, Geoff T., and Bardy, Sonia L. “Twitching motility and regulation of cAMP: signal transduction through a single methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein.” FEMS Letters 363.12 (2016): fnw119.
Ketelboeter, Laura M., Potharla, Vishwakanth Y., and Bardy, Sonia L. “NTBC treatment of the pyomelanogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolate PA1111 inhibits pigment production and increases sensitivity to oxidative stress.” Current Microbiology 69. (2014): 343-8.
Feriancikova, L., Bardy, Sonia L., Wang, L., Ki, J., and Xu, S. “Effects of outer membrane protein TolC on the transport of Escherichia coli within saturated quartz sands.” Environ. Sci. Technol. 47.11 (2013): 5720-5728.
Feriancikova, Lucia, Bardy, Sonia L., Wang, Lixia, Li, Jin, and Xu, Shangping. “Effects of Outer Membrane Protein TolC on the Transport of Escherichia coli within Saturated Quartz Sands.” Environmental Science & Technology 47.11 (2013): 5720-5728.