Institutional research partners

Data delivery requirements

1. Get an institutional code by completing a survey [online form]

2. Review data delivery procedures [.pdf]

3. Download codebook template [.docx]

4. Download excel file data template [.xlsx]

5. Submit your institution’s codebook and data file via the Qualtrics tool [online form]

Dissemination requirements

1. Download the research brief guidelines [.pdf]

2. Download the research brief template [.docx] *

3. Download research presentation guidelines [.pdf]

4. Download the presentation template [.pptx] *

5. Review EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI) Seeking Evidence of Impact Case Study Guidelines and Template [.pdf]

6. Review sample ELI Seeking Evidence of Impact Case Study [online]

7. Download Online Learning Journal guidelines [.pdf]

8. Submit dissemination documents via the Qualtrics tool [online form]


*Required dissemination materials