A National Summit | Research Model Collaborative
EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative annual meeting, Anaheim, February 9th-11th

Activity: Organize a summit with key stakeholders and national distance education experts, including those who specialize in CBE, accessibility, and support strategies.

Outcome: Generate ideas and gain consensus on desired outcomes, research questions, definitions of measures, and framework of inquiry for distance education.

Tentative Agenda

8:00am Introduction

8:30am Idea generation and brainstorming activities

Part 1:
In understanding student success in distance education, we as a field need to have a consistent understanding of student success across programs and institutions, including identifying shared desired outcomes. In considering this need, what are the research questions that will assist us in identifying key factors impacting these shared desired outcomes to best enhance the understanding of distance education across institutions and populations?

9:15am Voting and Break

9:30am Idea generation and brainstorming activities

Part 2:
In consideration of the research questions proposed in enhancing our understanding of the key factors, what variables should be included in the framework of inquiry to help us answer these questions surrounding distance education and technological advancements?

10:15am Voting and Break

10:30am Summary and next steps

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