Canvas is UWM’s new digital learning environment, which will replace D2L by Spring 2020. In Fall 2018, some of your courses may be in Canvas, and some may be in D2L. By Spring 2020, courses will no longer be offered in D2L. Your instructors may use Canvas to have you access readings, watch videos, take quizzes, submit assignments, and participate in online discussions. Visit the Canvas Transition website for more information on UWM’s move from D2L to Canvas.

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Canvas provides 24/7 support for UWM students.


Canvas Training

Canvas is very easy to use! However, if you need some help on how to use the most common features in Canvas, please check out the following resources:

Video Overviews

Video Overviews

Canvas provides some excellent video guides to help students navigate the Canvas environment. Here are some of the top videos for UWM students:

Canvas Guides Self-Paced Training

Self-Paced Training

UWM provides a self-paced training within Canvas for students to learn about how to use Canvas effectively in their courses. Students will need to click the Take Canvas Training button below and then choose “Enroll in Course” when prompted to join the course on their Canvas dashboard.

The online, self-paced training includes how to:

  • Communicate with your instructor and peers
  • Manage your personal files
  • Keep track of when your assignments due
  • Submit your assignments
  • Submit peer reviews
  • Participate in a group
  • Check your grades
  • And more!


Frequently Asked Questions for Students

How do I know if my course is in Canvas?

For Fall 2018, you can check the Canvas instructor list to see if your instructor is using Canvas.

Will I have to go to both D2L and Canvas to see my courses?

By Spring 2020, Canvas will completely replace D2L as UWM’s learning management system (LMS). Until then, some of your courses may be in Canvas, and some may be in D2L. To find out which learning management system (LMS) your instructor is using:

  1. Check the Fall 2018 Canvas instructor list
  2. Check Canvas; if your course does not appear in Canvas, then:
  3. Check D2L; if your course does not appear in D2L, then:
  4. Contact your instructor
How do I find help for Canvas as a student?

For Canvas help, students can visit the Students navigation link on the Canvas login page. Canvas provides primary support for all UWM students.

How do I receive training on Canvas as a student?

Canvas training for students is available on the Students navigation link on the Canvas login page. Three training options are available to students:

  • Video Overviews
  • Canvas Guides
  • Self-Paced Training
What browsers does Canvas support?

Canvas provides a list of supported browsers.