October 2019 Canvas Updates

Starting October 19, 2019, Canvas will receive a number of improvements and updates as part of the regularly-scheduled upgrade cycle by Instructure. Updates are made regularly to bring new features, improve user experience, and fix bugs. Such updates do not typically result in downtime. 


  • The navigation menu has been updated to include color and visual indicators to define active menu items. Tooltip indicators will indicate inactive menu items instead of grayed out text.
  • The Analytics LTI tool is no longer “beta”. The existing Analytics tool available on the course homepage will remain, and it will be replaced at a later date for all instructors.
  • Posting Policies have been updated to use better iconography and to improve consistency in behavior.
  • Support for Firefox ESR version 60 has concluded. A warning banner will be shown to users. Everyone is advised to use a supported browser.

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To learn more about this Canvas update, and to see how the changes may affect instructors’ and students’ work, refer to the audience-specific release note links.