Program Basics

Admission Requirements 

Upon acceptance to the program, students will be notified of any curricular pre-requisites that must be completed as perceived by their faculty advisor. Extra programmatic requirements (physics, organic chemistry and calculus) will be determined by the student’s faculty advisor. All basic requirements must be remedied by the end of the student’s first year.

Graduate School Requirements

There are a number of general Graduate School regulations and requirement for the Master’s Degree that are described on the Graduate School website. The student’s program is governed by the rules in the Graduate School’s Academic Policies & Procedures issued the year in which the student enrolled in the graduate program.

Plan of Study

  1. Students must file a Plan of Study, on or before the first day of instruction for that semester. All forms must be signed by the student and the faculty advisor. Students file the original Plan of Study with the Graduate Program Director.
  2. Students must update their Plan of Study, on or before the first day of instruction every semester that they are in the graduate program.

Students who do not file a completed Plan of Study in any term are not making satisfactory progress and will become ineligible for departmental and university-wide financial aid and risk dismissal from the program.