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Practice exam Stock code Cost Description
General Chemistry, Full year GCPO $10.00 Online general chemistry practice exam with 50 questions similar to a traditional full-year general chemistry exam
General Chemistry, First-term GCFPO $10.00 Online general chemistry first term practice exam with 50 questions similar to a traditional first-term general chemistry exam
Organic Chemistry, Full year ORPO $10.00 Online organic chemistry practice exam with 50 questions similar to a traditional full-year organic chemistry exam
Analytical Chemistry ANPO $10.00 Online analytical chemistry practice exam with 50 questions similar to a traditional analytical exam
Practice exam report

Once you take your practice exam, you will receive a report providing you with a score in each category corresponding to the topic areas in the study guide.  In addition to this, you will also receive an average score of your mental effort corresponding to the same topic areas.  Together these can provide you a more comprehensive picture of your understanding and how you may want to target your further studies to prepare for your ACS Exam.

Product Description

The online practice exam is designed to provide more information than simply “how am I doing on this material?” After each chemistry item, you are asked to rate how much mental effort it took you to accomplish that last question. You rate this on a 5-point scale from not much at all to a large amount of effort.

The extra information then is summarized when the practice exam is complete. You learn not only what fraction of the items in each topic you get correct, but also a rating of how you rank the effort you needed to answer questions in that topic. With a final exam looming, many students find this extra information helps them organize where to invest their study time.

The Examinations Institute developed this method using paper-and-pencil first and then moved it to an online environment. It is designed to compliment the use of the study guide which can be used in a more tutorial mode. The practice exam does not tell you right and wrong answers, but rather tells you how many questions you get correct in each category. In addition, and very importantly, it can help you make decisions on how to move forward with your studying, if you try to judge and rate the difficulty in answering each question. The practice exam asks you for that information seamlessly on each question and then when you finish the whole exam it tells you which areas you rated as hard and which you rated as less difficult.  When you combine your performance (how many you get correct in each section) with this information about how easy or hard you find the material, it can provide you insight into where you stand in your preparation for the exam.

The key is that you need to approach the practice exam as if it were an actual exam – not trying to look up answers you don’t know right away, but rather practice answering the questions just like you would during the test itself.  In addition, you need to try to make your best judgement on how hard you think each item is.  Students who use the practice exam in this way reported it as quite helpful during our development of this new tool.