Administration and storage of exams

Administration and storage of ACS Exams

Storing of exams:

ACS Exams are required to be stored in a secure location upon receipt and whenever not in use.  This secure location cannot be accessible by any unauthorized personnel.  Those authorized by a Department Chair or other Administrator must use a process to document exam use including check-out and check-in of exam booklets.  A recommended form for this process that includes a secondary security pledge is available here.

Administration of exams:

ACS Exams are required to be administered in a secure environment and proctored by authorized personnel during the entire administration of exams. This includes exams administered outside of a standard or scheduled testing period (such as make-up exams). At no point are test takers permitted to have access to and/or use any devices that have the capability of capturing images, such as a cell phone. Department and/or Institutional policies must be in place and well communicated to all students as to the penalty of violating the secure test taking procedures.