Postsecondary Chemistry Education Survey Project

Postsecondary Chemistry Education Survey

This project is aimed at articulating the instructional and assessment practices in postsecondary chemistry education. The first national survey conducted by ACS Exams was in Spring 2011; the goal was articulate postsecondary chemistry faculty members’ assessment practices and identify professional development opportunities that could be developed to support course­- and department-level assessment. Several surveys have focused on more targeted areas: e.g., representation use on biochemistry assessments, and defining conceptual understanding and conceptual examination items. Current iterations of our survey research work has focused on contextual factors that are influencing the choices faculty members are making about the types and kinds of instructional and assessment practices used in their postsecondary chemistry courses; the results of this work provide a current snapshot from which more targeted initiatives to increase use of quality, evidence-based assessments can be framed and evaluated.


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