Response Data

Establishing Item Statistics for New Examinations

In addition to overall norms, the Examinations Institute also produces item statistics for the items that appear on released exams. For this process, we need student performance data on each item. Many testing centers provide class “roll-up” data for items, but this data cannot be aggregated with other schools, so our need is at the individual student level.

We accept data in any format. Electronic data or “bubble sheets” are both acceptable.  There is no limit on what type of bubble sheet that can be sent; even homemade sheets will be capable of providing the data needed.  We attempt to maintain some small measure of demographic data – particularly gender of students. If possible, we appreciate having gender data included for each student performance.  Regardless of how data is submitted to us, we will de-identify all data, leaving only the association with the institution.  The information from the Examiner’s Report Form is also helpful and requested.

We now include an answer sheet proof with all exam orders.  Users are encourage to print on plain paper as many answer sheets as needed.  These answer sheets can be automatically read by us and we will return a score report to you.  Submission of answer sheets can be done electronically with a scanned copy of the sheets or via hard copy.  Answer sheets should be sent to us via email: or hard copy to our business office at ACS Exams, 512 5th Street, Berthoud, CO 80513.

National norms will be sent to every examiner supplying data as soon as norms are computed. In addition, a comparison report showing your school performance as compared to the calculated norm is sent along with the released norm sheet to each school that participates.