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General Message/Update

New to ACS Exams in 2019:

  • General Chemistry Quarter exams
    • NOW AVAILABLE:  The first quarter exam was released in late 2018 and the second and third quarter exams were released in early 2019.
  • General-Organic-Biochemistry condensed exam
    • Released in late 2018, this single semester exam was designed for the condensed or single semester course.
  • Coming soon – Second Editions of the Organic Chemistry Study Guide
    • Expected release March 15, 2020.

Several new norms have been published. These include Inorganic Chemistry Foundations (2016) and Instrumental Analysis Chemistry (2017).  Coming soon General-Organic-Biochemistry 2014 and General Chemistry Conceptual 2016 with new or updated preliminary norms available in throughout 2019 as well.

Please consider providing student performance data to us for norm calculations!

Now Available!

NEW – General Chemistry Study Guide

This second edition of the General Chemistry Study Guide has many more items, a clear alignment to first term/second term courses and common textbooks.  Additionally, there are specific items included for conceptual test preparation.

Become an ACS Exams Postdoctoral Fellow

The ACS Examinations Institute regularly seeks Postdoctoral Research Associate(s) for a full-time, 12-month position with benefits that can begin on or near August 1st annually.    Applications are evaluated on or before May 1st annually.  Click here for more information and application details.


New Member Specials

If you have just joined the Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED), you may purchase materials from the Exams Institute at a lower cost. This offer is valid for the first 3 months of your initial membership in the division. This offer is designed to help welcome you to the division and introduce you to one key product of the efforts of division members. Price details are below.

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