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New Practice Exam with Feedback

We have been listening to your requests for a practice exam that provides instant feedback and results for each question.  IT’S HERE – and you can purchase it NOW for  $15.00 or through a bundle.

Tutorial practice exams are available for:

  • General Chemistry, First Term
  • Organic Chemistry, Full Year

Each exam has 50 items with feedback provided on each question. If a student is correct, they will be told so, but they also will be provided with the process to solve the question correctly (so they can compare to how they solved the problem).  If the student is incorrect, they will  be told so and be provided with possible difficulties they may have had, as well as how to solve the problem correctly.

All of this is then summarized in a report emailed to the student following exam submission.  This summary includes for each question:

  • The chapter and content from the ACS study guide
  • The performance on the question
  • The chapter and question number from the study guide of items that are the same as the question
  • The chapter and question number from the study guide of items that are similar or use the same concept as the question
Visit here to purchase your practice exam today.  For questions, please contact us at 800-854-1672.

Study materials available during COVID-19

If you are preparing to take an online final exam, there are resources available from ACS Exams that may help you in your studying and preparation:

  • General chemistry: study guide (first term/second term both included) and practice exams (first term and full year)
  • Organic chemistry: study guide (first term/second term both included) and full year practice exams
  • Analytical chemistry: practice exam
  • Physical chemistry: study guide (both thermodynamics and quantum chemistry are included)

ACS Exams study materials are available during COVID-19 with study guides shipped directly to your home or campus and online practice exams available immediately after purchase. These include:

  • Study guides with many items worked out and for practice,
  • Online practice exams designed in a similar way to an ACS exam and provides you with a study report once completed, or
  • A bundle of both the practice exam and study guide.

Many of you are also asking if COVID-19 is affecting the availability or delivery of study guides. We are still processing and shipping study guide orders and have not experienced any delays.

Your shipping options are (allowing 1 day for processing):

  • Ground: 3-5 business days
  • 2nd day: 2 business days
  • Overnight: 1 business day

ACS Exams in the news:

Capturing the efforts by ACS Exams to deliver non-secure testing during the spring and summer semesters to assist institutions, Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) wrote a short news piece detailing these efforts.

ACS Exams and options for non-secure testing of general and organic chemistry:

We understand that many of you anticipate the need for a final exam delivered through a course management system, we have developed a testing option for general chemistry (first-term, second-term and full-year) and organic chemistry (first-term and full-year). 

This set of items (one set for general chemistry and one set for organic chemistry) will be provided with semester, content area, and complexity (item difficulty), and the full sets will also be coupled with summary statistics that can assist instructors in deciding timing, number of items and comparable national statistics for:

  • General Chemistry, First Term
  • General Chemistry, Second Term
  • General Chemistry, Full Year
  • General Chemistry, Conceptual (First Term, Second Term and Full Year)
  • General Chemistry Paired Questions (First Term and Second Term)
  • Organic Chemistry, First Term
  • Organic Chemistry, Full Year

This is not one of our secure tests but is built in a similar manner. If you are interested, please let us (email at know, and we can provide more details.  These will be available starting February 15, 2021.

ACS Exams and the move by many institutions to online course delivery due to COVID-19:

We empathize with the faculty and staff who are affected by decisions by their institutions to move to alternate course delivery methods. This has been widely interpreted to be focused on online course delivery and would include course assessment. Therefore, this would then lead to the question of how to assess online.

All ACS Exams (active or inactive tests, either parts or whole) must be administered in a secured, proctored environment and cannot be administered via a course management or other exam delivery system site.

The extension of this is that all ACS Exams (active or inactive tests; either parts or whole) cannot be scanned, copied, transcribed or otherwise coded or written into any system designed to deliver courses (and course content including assessments) to students, which includes course management systems. Additionally, all ACS Exams (active or inactive tests; either parts or whole) must be administered in a secured, proctored environment.   All ACS Exams (active or inactive tests; either parts or whole) cannot be administered to students in a remote capacity, which includes sending students tests, having students check out tests or providing a test to a non-approved proctor.

Any questions about security protocols for ACS Exams must be directed to ACS Exams Director, Kristen Murphy (

At ACS Exams, we do have the capacity and have been delivering exams online for more than seven years through our Metior system. There are specific requirements to gaining access for this use:

  • Requirement 1: Students must use institution machines on site of the institution.
  • Requirement 2: Exams must be given in a secured, proctored environment.

In the event, your institution has the ability to provide these testing requirements, please contact our Business Operations Manager, Julie Adams (

New to ACS Exams in 2020 and 2021:

  • Chemical Health and Safety
    • NOW AVAILABLE:  This test has been prepared for students completing organic chemistry laboratory.
  • Second Edition of the Organic Chemistry Study Guide – available now

Several new norms have been published. These include Inorganic Chemistry Foundations (2016) and Instrumental Analysis Chemistry (2017).  Coming soon General-Organic-Biochemistry 2014 and General Chemistry Conceptual 2016 with new or updated preliminary norms available in throughout 2021 as well.

Please consider providing student performance data to us for norm calculations!

Now Available!

NEW – Organic Chemistry Study Guide

This second edition of the Organic Chemistry Study Guide has many more items, a clear alignment to first term/second term courses and common textbooks.

Become an ACS Exams Postdoctoral Fellow

The ACS Examinations Institute regularly seeks Postdoctoral Research Associate(s) for a full-time, 12-month position with benefits that can begin on or near August 1st annually.    Applications are evaluated on or before May 1st annually.  Click here for more information and application details.


New Member Specials

If you have just joined the Division of Chemical Education (DivCHED), you may purchase materials from the Exams Institute at a lower cost. This offer is valid for the first 3 months of your initial membership in the division. This offer is designed to help welcome you to the division and introduce you to one key product of the efforts of division members. Price details are below.

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