Accessibility Statement

Accessibility of ACS Exams

ACS Exams fully supports fair testing of all students. ACS Exams also fully supports institutions in providing accommodations or accessible exams for testing. We understand that providing accommodations and/or accessible exams may have many variations to address many different needs. Therefore, at ACS Exams, we work directly with institutions to provide materials needed to support fair testing without sacrificing ACS Exam security.

Testing accommodations that can be provided without pre-approval from ACS Exams are:

  • Allowing a test taker more time in a secured, proctored environment.
  • Allowing a test taker to use an alternate secured, proctored environment (such as a minimally distracting environment).
  • Allowing an authorized proctor to read and/or assist a test taker in a secured, proctored environment.
  • Allowing a test taker to use any assistive device in a secured, proctored environment provided that the device does not have the capability to capture images.

Other testing accommodations require pre-approval from ACS Exams, and would likely take time to ensure the needs of the test taker are fully addressed without sacrificing ACS Exam security. Examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing a test in an electronic form:
    • We are happy to work with institutions on obtaining an electronic form of our tests.
    • We are happy to reformat tests and provide them electronically, as needed (for example, provide only images of a certain image type).
  • Providing large-print tests
  • Allowing for different modes of testing (such as projection of test items or alternative means of answer capture that would include devices that have the capability of capturing images)

We encourage institutions to contact us a minimum of three weeks prior to testing so that we can ensure the correct formats are provided securely (although we can expedite these requests in an emergency).

For more information on ACS Exams and our role in accessibility, please contact us at 1-800-854-1672 or