2016 High School Chemistry Exam – Conceptual

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Title: 2016 High School Chemistry Exam – Conceptual

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The 2016 ACS High School Conceptual Exam is the first high school conceptual exam developed by ACS Exams and covers each of the topics of chemistry in a conceptual manner. High school teachers from across the nation worked together for three years to develop and write this exam to be used for those that do not teach a traditional chemistry course.  For example, those that use ChemCom, Modeling Instruction or any non-traditional style of teaching would find this exam appropriate for their end of course assessment.  This exam contains multiple representations of matter including particle diagrams.  Each question focuses on a single concept with less focus on process or algorithms and greater focus on a conceptual understanding.

The high school exams align to content standards common to either the NGSS or other standards.  For example, included on the exams are disciplinary core ideas of structure and properties of matter, chemical reactions and energy in chemical processes and everyday life.