Testing Center

The Testing Center can help you whether you are taking a test to qualify for admission, to find out where you should be placed in UWM courses, to earn credit toward your degree or to gain admission to graduate or professional school. The Testing Center also serves as a resource for faculty, staff and the community through our exam and evaluation processing and our survey instrument design capability. Check out the information below for more details about all the ways you should utilize the Testing Center during your time at UWM.

UWM Testing Center
Mellencamp Hall B28
2442 E Kenwood Blvd
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Monday 10am-6:30pm
Tuesday-Thursday 8am-4:30pm
Friday 10am-4:30pm

Test Registration

Placement testing is available on a walk in basis during the fall and spring semesters. No registration is required during this time frame. Walk in testing is not available during the summer; you must register for a placement testing session(s) during the summer. Walk in testing ends for the semester on May 19, 2017.

Walk in testing is only available for placement testing/retesting in math, English for native speakers, chemistry, French, German, and Spanish. All other testers must use our test registration system. This option is not available to incoming new freshman who have not previously taken any UW System placement tests. First time New freshman testers must register for designated New Freshman placement testing sessions.

Walk in hours for placement testing*:

  • 11am-4pm Monday
  • 9am-2pm Wednesday
  • 10am-2pm Friday

*Please note that during peak testing times in the weeks surrounding the beginning and end of a semester, tests may begin every 30 minutes to accommodate multiple testers.

During the summer (beginning May 22, 2017 and running into September), you MUST register online for all tests offered in our testing center. Visit testregistration.uwm.edu to view available test times and register for a test.

Testing Center Information

Wondering about how you can prepare for the exam you’re taking, where to park when you come or what you need to bring with you the day of the exam? This area will answer most of your questions.

Testing Policies

Review our policies dealing with retesting, placement testing for military personnel, cheating, security, children, and photo identification required for testing.

Tests Offered at UWM

The UWM Testing Center provides a variety of services to meet your testing and assessment needs. Whether you need to take your ACT, placement test or test to earn college credit, the Testing Center can assist you.

Accommodated Testing

The UWM Testing Center provides accommodations to students who have a documented disability and require non-standard testing conditions.

National Testing

National tests include the ACT and post-graduate admission tests such as LSAT and Miller Analogies.

New Freshmen Testing Program

All new freshmen are required to take placement tests to determine their course eligibility in math and English and have the option of taking placement exams in chemistry and foreign language. UW-Milwaukee is one of the largest UW Placement Testing Centers. Whether you’re planning to come to UWM or attend another UW institution, you can take your placement tests with us.

Distance Education/Correspondence

The UW Milwaukee Testing Center provides a service by which candidates enrolled in Distance Education, Independent Study or other courses can take examinations or complete certifications at our Center.

Instructional Support

The UWM Testing Center offers technological resources such as scanning, scoring, and statistical reporting for examinations, evaluations, surveys and assessment projects. Find out more information about our services and the support that is available.


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The UWM Testing Center subscribes to the professional standards and guidelines set forth by the NCTA (National College Testing Association).


The UWM Testing Center is a participant in the CCTC (Consortium of College Testing Centers).