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Proctorio is available for all instructors who wish to use it for courses held in Fall 2021 and Spring/Summer 2022.

Proctorio is an artificial-intelligence (AI) based student proctoring tool that can record both students and their desktop during an exam. Proctorio AI reviews these recordings, flags suspicious activity, organizes this data into a report, and makes all recordings and reports available to faculty after the exam is finished.

Instructors using Proctorio must notify students that they will be recorded during the exam. Instructors can notify students by sending an all-class communication (see considerations below).


CETL Proctorio TIPS



UW-Milwaukee Proctorio Knowledge Base Document

Click on the above link to access documents, email templates, and training resources for Proctorio as it is used at UW-Milwaukee.


Live Proctorio Training Sessions 


Proctorio Canvas Training Course

  • A self-paced Canvas course for instructors who wish to learn Proctorio, and how it is being implemented here at UWM is available!


Live support

  • Proctorio provides robust contextualized documentation within Canvas
  • Proctorio offers 24/7 chat, and email support for both instructors and students. 
  • Instructors can also contact their school/college support or CETL for assistance 
  • Students should contact Proctorio for all technology issues 


Proctorio Change Log 
Updated as changes are processed and implemented


Proctorio Overview

Proctorio is composed of two parts.

  • First: A (free) Chrome extension that links to Proctorio help, and monitors students desktops during the exam
  • Second: A LTI tool integrated into Canvas.

Proctorio works best with Canvas Quizzes Classic. Third-party exams (eg. Wiley, or Pearson exams) require extra steps to integrate with Proctorio. CETL continues to recommend against using New Quizzes.

  • Proctorio has low technology and bandwidth requirements for students and instructors.


Additional Considerations

To notify students that they are being recorded as they take an exam(s), a communication can be sent to the entire class. For example, the one below:

Going forward in this course, Proctorio will be used to proctor online examinations and ensure the integrity of course examinations and student grades. When you begin the exam, a small Proctorio pop-up menu with a preview of the area being recorded will let you know you are being recorded. Proctorio’s statement on Privacy can be accessed by clicking the following link:

Alternative exams or another solution will be necessary for students who do not have a Mac, PC, Chromebook, or an external webcam and microphone (Proctorio does not work with either smartphones or tablets). 

Proctorio requires that students use Chrome (not Firefox).

Students should be instructed to log-in to their course and prepare for the exam 30 minutes prior to its scheduled start, if applicable.