Consent Form Templates

General Consent Form Templates

Standard Adult Informed Consent Form

Short Version Consent Form – appropriate for non-complex interview and/or survey projects

Informational Letter Consent option- Only for use in exempt, online studies that are not anonymous.  This consent template has also been approved for use by Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette University and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Consent Templates for Specific Data Collection Activities

Online Survey Consent Form – for studies collecting data via an online survey

Focus Group Consent Form – when conducting focus groups

Interview Consent Form – when conducting interviews

Paper Survey Consent Form – when administering paper-based surveys to participants

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Consent Form – when collecting data from MTurk workers using HITs

Studies with DXA scans

*Please note that studies containing multiple data collection methods may need to combine consent forms.  For example, a study involving focus groups and online surveys may want to consent each activity separately or may want to combine those two specific consent forms into one form that covers both activities.

Parental Permission and Child Assent Form Templates

Parent Consent Form – used in conjunction with the Child Assent form below

Child Assent Form – typically used for children ages 6-12

Combined Parent Consent and Child Assent Form – can be used with children ages 12-18

Request to Waive Consent, Alter or Remove Elements of Consent or Waive Documentation of Consent

Request to Waive, Waive Documentation of Consent, or Alter Consent – must be completed and submitted if you will not be obtaining consent, if you will be removing elements of consent from the consent form, or if you will not be obtaining a written signature on a consent form