Congratulations to WGS Winners!

UWM Women’s & Gender Studies
Research Paper & Project Contest Winners
Casey O’Brien Outstanding Activist Awardee

On behalf of Women’s & Gender Studies Program, Anna Mansson McGinty, WGS Chair, would like to extend congratulations to this year’s winners of the annual UWM Women’s & Gender Studies Student Research Paper and Project Contest and the Casey O’Brien Outstanding Activist Award.

Also, thanks colleagues who served as reviewers on the different committees.

Rachel Skalitzky Award for Undergraduate Research
Melissa Marban, Problematic Self-Care: The Self-Care Movement from a Feminist Perspective

 Second Place Undergraduate Research
Dallas Berka, Willow Rosenberg and How Male Heterosexuality Shaped One of Pop Culture’s Most Iconic Queer Characters

Eliana G. Berg Award for Graduate Research
Xueyou Wang, From Rice to Reservoirs: Hakka Women and Industrialization

 Second Place Graduate Research
Kari Pink, The Emotional Journey of Fundamentalism: Longing for Place, Striving for Perfection and Managing Identity

Project Award
Quinn Stephens, Fairy Tale Narrative

Casey O’Brien Outstanding Activist Award
Xueyou Wang

Congratulations to all!