Wisconsin Child Welfare Professional Development System

Early Childhood Family Support

Early Childhood Family Support         


Home Visiting and EC Family Support professionals share similar experiences and targeted outcomes of their work in partnering with families of children prenatally through the preschool years.  While we developed to meet the needs of home visiting professionals we provide many training opportunities that provide knowledge and skills for a variety of professionals partnering with these families.  To learn more about home visiting specifically as a service delivery, please click here to watch a brief video.

Our professional development is open to all professionals in this work and we work hard to provide accessible learning opportunities through online, blended and in-person formats.   Recognizing that resources are limited in many programs and organizations, professional development is offered at low costs with some opportunities provided free of charge. This allows professionals to connect with national frameworks, essential training on required and deeper levels of skills and knowledge needed to partner with families of diverse backgrounds and challenges

Upcoming Training events/ Register

Click the link for a detailed listing of our training for home visitors and other related professionals. You can view Course descriptions here.

Registration and continuing education units (CEU) are found through our PDS online registration system.  If you do not have a profile / account already set up, please use this guide to support you in setting up your account. For additional support please reach out to wcwpds-mke@uwm.edu


PDS Guide

This guide will also provide information on how to access information on course completion and continuing education units. You and your designated supervisor will be able to access a running record of the professional development offerings that you have completed through this site. You can also input other training you attend into your record. In addition to finding events in PDS, you can see a list of offerings through our calendar