How UWM at Waukesha changed Dennis’ mindset about going to school

Dennis in the library

Dennis, a marketing student who will be attending UWM this fall, shares how UWM at Waukesha changed his mind about school.

“I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go to school, if it was for me. But I thought this campus seemed just right. I figured I could go for a semester and if I like it, I’ll stay. Within the first week, I really loved school for the first time in my life. I feel more independent and like I am choosing my own kind of journey rather than having it chosen for me.

The community here is vibrant. It’s tightknit and super welcoming. Everyone is really friendly and supportive of each other. I think having a set group of people there is kind of what made or break my college career. Just having people there for you makes a huge difference.

My advice to someone coming here would be to jump in. Don’t be afraid to be social. Make the most of your college experience no matter where you are. Really give it your all; study hard, go to class, get involved, talk to people. You should give 100% and take advantage of the opportunities you have. Just get involved with something you like! Being part of the campus community is something I’m insanely proud of.”

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