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Hear about Katherine’s summer internship experience

internship program group at alpine valley

Three questions with Katherine, a UWM at Waukesha student taking the LEC 294 – General Internship Course. Students who take this course have the opportunity to earn college credit from their work. Katherine worked with other students from the Waukesha and main campuses with Professor Bendixen. Read more about this internship program that occurred over the summer.

What kind of internship did you do?

“I’m doing an internship at the Alpine Valley Music Theater, working on the sustainability team to help recycle and reduce as much waste as we can going into our landfills.”

How did this internship benefit you as a student?

“I’ve always been interested in living as sustainable as I can and over the past few years, have been environmentally conscious in my everyday living. This experience has given me the chance to get an insider view of the things going in our landfills and how that could hugely impact our environment in the long run. Other than that factor, it also inspired a passion to do more environmental work in the future.”

Why do you think internship programs are important for students?

“It gives you a hands-on experience and understanding. I think being involved and having familiarity with obstacles and challenges throughout your work, brings out skills that are very important in the workplace.”