Campus: Milwaukee

Availability: Fall, Spring, Summer

Method: In Person, Virtual

Lia R. Wolock

Assistant Professor, Department of Communication

College of Letters & Science

Current Faculty or Staff Member

Lia Wolock is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at UWM. She holds an MA in South Asian Studies and a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan.

Her research and teaching explore the racialization of minority and transnational communities in the age of digital and social media, with a focus on the South Asian American diaspora and its media activism.

She’s written on South Asian Americans’ shifting position in US racial politics and the community’s responses to being historically misrepresented and underrepresented (, media representations of India and Indian American identities on American television (, and the creative labor that activists take on to build new racial justice-oriented solidarities (

Topics include:

  • Race and media in the US, particularly US racial politics and mediated racial justice activism
  • Asian American and South Asian American (i.e., Indian American, Pakistani American, etc.) media representation
  • South Asian American identity & politics
  • Digital and social media production and activism (e.g., podcasts, blogs, digital archives, streaming video)


Communication, Journalism/Advertising/Media Studies


Asian American identity, Asian American politics, Asian media representation, digital media, media and racial justice, media and social movements, race and media, social media and activism