Food Service Suite (FSS) NetNutrition is a customer facing website that displays nutritional information about the food that is currently for sale in all the Retail Services eateries. It will take the nutritional value of the ingredients and automatically calculate the outcome for portions. This website can be viewed anywhere but is generally displayed inside/near the cafeterias.


Support for NetNutrition is provided by Student Affairs Technology staff and the vendor.


  • iew menu offerings
  • Identify and select well-balanced meals
  • View the nutritional content and ingredients of your food choices
  • Filter out foods containing allergens/intolerances
  • Select preferences for specific types of diets such as vegetarian, vegan and Halal

Get Started

CBORD Support Portal

Designed for

Retail Services staff


A separate FSS NetNutrition login is required to use the service from the staff side

Data Security

May not be used to collect or show moderate or high risk data per UW System policy 1031.A Information Security: Data Classification.


Free of charge