Designed for large scale high security installations, XProtect Corporate ensures end-to-end protection of video integrity while maximizing hardware performance. Central management, built-in video wall and support for failover recording servers make it ideal for mission-critical installations such as airports and cities. Milestone XProtect is used in University Housing as their video surveillance software. 


Support for Milestone is provided by Student Affairs Technology staff and the UWM Police Department.


  • Designed by video surveillance experts and built on the latest innovative technology
  • Get the most of your system and add new technologies as they become available with the open platform architecture
  • Several ways of operating multiple sites from a central location, so you can grow your system to any size while providing users with a single point of access to the entire installation
  • Intuitive and visual tools that make sure standard operations are fully automated so you can focus on the right things at the right time
  • Array of security mechanisms that make sure your system is resilient against internal and external security threats, without compromising the system’s flexibility or usability

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Designed for

University Housing and Student Union staff


Uses LDAP through groups in the Active Directory

Data Security

May not be used to collect or show moderate or high risk data per UW System policy 1031.A Information Security: Data Classification


Free of charge