Empowering Student Parents

Holistic Support for Your Family’s Success

Empowering Student Parents

Holistic Support for Your Family’s Success

The Student Parent Success Program (SPSP) assists UWM student parents in their efforts to attain a higher education. The program provides students with professional and personal support by providing them access to a support team who serves as a first point of contact for all concerns. The SPSP team assess students needs and provides them with resources, workshops and/or referrals to other on-campus or community programs. SPSP is a centralized, multi-purpose campus resource where student parents can seek advice, develop leadership skills, and build connections with other student parents at all UWM campuses.

“The Student Parent Success Program supported me through my transition from community college to my graduation from UWM in May 2021. Although I have been involved in several school appointments and programs, nothing compares to the support and relationships derived through the Student Parent Success Program.  As a student parent involved in the SPSP we are encouraged and offered opportunities to check-in, learn, grow as a parent, scholar, and professional, and improve the trajectory of our lives in so many ways!”
UWM Student Parent

Spring 2024 Office Hours:

The Student Parent Success Program is open for appointment only at this time between the hours of 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. To schedule an appointment with our office, please send us an email at sp-sp@uwm.edu or contact us at 414-251-5955.

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Located inside the UWM Children’s Learning Center

Northwest Quad (NWQ), Rm. 1606
2025 E. Newport Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53211

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Title IX Protects You From Discrimination at School
UWM is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment for pregnant and parenting members of our community. Students who wish to discuss or request accommodations based on pregnancy, childbirth, or related conditions, or file a report of discrimination based on pregnancy-related concerns should contact the UWM Title IX Office
Title IX Office
UWM’s “Lactation Program” is intended to provide lactating nursing mothers with educational and environmental support of their breastfeeding goals. The word “lactation” is used to clarify and avoid the implication that the mothers would need to have their babies at work to nurse them, rather, the program is designed to help nursing mothers to be able to pump and store their breast milk at work, to take home to their infants at the end of the workday.
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The Children’s Learning Center is committed to supporting children and their parents by using theory-based care and learning practices. Through playing, interacting and communicating, the UWM Children’s Learning Center is committed to the growth of each child in all aspects of their life. We believe in not only providing education, but also providing a supportive and safe place for your family to grow socially and emotionally.
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The Student Parent Advocacy Committee (SPAC) is a student org created at UWM by student parents with the purpose to empower all UWM undergraduate and graduate students with children. The SPAC can be reached via email at spacatuwm@gmail.com or via social media by clicking the link below.
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Since 1977, The Parenting Network has served families throughout the greater Milwaukee community through its mission to strengthen parenting and to prevent child abuse. Services are provided in homes, in schools and in the community.
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HOPE Network for Single Mothers is a volunteer-based grass roots support system. It provides emotional and material support to single mothers and their children in the greater Milwaukee area. Founded by Gail Grenier Sweet in 1982 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization, HOPE Network programs are designed to help mothers gain a sense of community, enhance their parenting skills, and develop self reliance.
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IMPACT provides the means for people to take the first step toward regaining stability. IMPACT 2-1-1 is a central access point for people in need. During times of personal crisis or community disaster, the free, confidential helpline and online resource directory make it easy for residents to get connected to information and assistance.
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