A diverse group of students socializing outside of the residence halls

Get ready to make a difference! We encourage our students to get involved.

While campus and the city may seem large at times, faculty and staff at the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare (HBSSW) are approachable and committed to student success.

If you’re graduating this semester, you’re invited to attend the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare Recognition Ceremony.

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Our academic advisors are here to help you navigate your way to a degree. Meet with them early and often!

Additionally, faculty and staff mentors can provide you with guidance on everything from campus life to your career aspirations. We’re here to help you take the lead on your future and succeed!

Student Associations

Student associations in applied gerontology, criminal justice and social work, will take you into the community and expand your campus experience.

The social justice committee offers opportunities for students to plan and lead discussions on topics integral to future careers in the social welfare field.

Field Program Information

Many students make post-graduation job connections at their field sites. In social work, field liaisons collaborate with hundreds of placement sites throughout the Milwaukee area and in greater Wisconsin.

Field partners in criminal justice represent the full spectrum of the criminal justice field, including federal law enforcement agencies.