A panel of four black people sit at a table and present to a large audience in the UWM Student Union Ballroom after a showing of the movie Milwaukee 53206.

The Social Justice Committee Mission Statement

The Social Justice Committee at the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare is committed to raising awareness regarding social justice issues that affect students, individuals, families and communities throughout the greater Milwaukee area as well as nationally and internationally. We are committed to creating a school environment that is diverse, inclusive, equitable, and values the worth of faculty, students and community members.

The purpose of the Social Justice Committee is to maximize opportunities to educate students about ideas, theories, methods and interventions related to social justice and how to translate that knowledge into ethical practices for solving social inequities. We are also dedicated to creating programs and opportunities for faculty, students, and community members to learn about and discuss social justice issues related to environmental, economic, political, social and spiritual challenges.

The committee’s vision is that students educated in our social work program will leave the BSW, MSW and doctoral program equipped to recognize inequities and injustice, facilitate the building of safe, equitable, sustainable, and nondiscriminatory practices that will lead to healthier, inclusive communities and to help, advocate, support and partner with individuals, groups and communities who have been denied adequate opportunities to fully realize their potential.

Social Justice in Housing

Safe, stable and accessible housing has a profound impact on the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children and families. Housing instability has a disproportionate effect on disadvantaged groups—minorities, the elderly, the mentally ill, women with children and those working in low-wage jobs. These disparities are especially acute in Milwaukee.

Responding to homelessness, eviction rates and procedures, and other barriers to stable housing in Milwaukee and beyond means addressing the social inequities that create and perpetuate them. The HBSSW Social Justice Committee invites you to join this effort.


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Glossary of Terms: Race, Equity and Social Justice

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Social Work Jobs and Opportunities

Keep up to date with events, volunteer and employment opportunities. To submit a listing, please contact Michelle Jurvelin, willi574@uwm.edu.

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